ITBP Pay Slip 2022 Check ITBP Monthly PIS, Salary, Himveer Connect Login Online

ITBP Personal can check ITBP Pay Slip 2022 & PIS Himveer Connect Login, salary slip, and ITBP PIS Data Monthly Payslip details online from Download ITBP Constable Salary For January, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December Month. 

ITBP has an online Electronic Personal Information System/ software(EPIS), which makes it to all ITBP personnel. Through this software, ITBP Personal is able to check their own personal information any time and anywhere.

In order to help ITBP personal benefit themselves from the ITBP Personal PIS, the organization provided ITBL personal login details to each and every active serviceman who is inducted as new recruits.

So, every ITBP personnel will be in possession of their personal login credentials which is essential for checking the ITBP payslip of any month. Therefore, if an individual desires to check the ITBP salary slip of any month then the login details such as the username and password are mandatory requirements.

All active personnel of ITBP can download monthly payslip, basic salary, grade pay, dearness allowance, transport allowance, HRA of basic salary and monthly gross salary, Joining date, grade pay, allowance, and pay scale details from ITBP PIS online portal.

The lowest rank of ITBP is Constable who gets Pay Band 1(PB1) salary package of 7th pay commission and the highest rank of ITBP is Director General(DG), who gets 80000 Rs/- PB4 salary packages a very month.

From this article you know how to check ITBP Pay Slip 2022 online and ITBP PIS from ITBP Official Website. Also, we will discuss the ITBP PIS login details, ITBP Himveer personal login, etc.

Check ITBP Pay Slip 2022 & ITBP Pip Online

Want to know how to login to your ITBP Personal Account. Then follow these given steps to check your ITBP PIS Date Pay Slip 2022, login, and registration details online. ITBP salary slip structure for active personnel release every month, whether each employee of ITBP easily check their monthly payment by-self and also download or print it for future use.

If you recruited in ITBP, then you need to know about the organization and their activities like the timing of your duty, salary timing, and date, salary process like salary will come in the bank account or in hand, salary slips online or offline, how to download payslip every month and all.

Each and every personnel of ITBP have a pis username and pis password to check monthly payslip online.

ITBP PIS and ITBP payslip checking process are easy and simple, which done easily by every password and username holder of ITBP personnel. If you are a member of ITBP then you definitely have a personal login/ Himveer login pis username and password for checking your profile and salary-related details online from ITBP personal information system.

Step 1. Visit the official website of ITBP that is

Step 2. Then click on the login button on the homepage.

ITBP PIS Data Pay Slip

Step 3. Then after this click on the personal login button.

Step 4. After this, a new page will open. Now You are in your Himveer Login Page.



Step 5. Enter your ITBP PIS username and password.

Step 6. Enter the captcha code and click on the login button.

Step 7. Now check your month Wise salary slip.

PIS Direct Login Click Here 

ITBP PIS Personal Login Password Recovery

It is one of the common concerns of ITBP employees who are unable to access their monthly salary slip of ITBP due to incorrect details, generally, it is caused by personnel forgetting their passwords.

For those who are unable to recall their ITBP Personal login password online assistance is available for recovering or changing their ITBP PIS password, but to avail themselves ITBP PIS username and active contact number is necessary.

Therefore, in case an ITBP personnel forgets his password than with the help of the following steps the password can be recovered, so check out the following steps mentioned below.

Step 1. First, visit the official website of ITBP.ITBP PIS

Step 2. Now click on the personal login option.

ITBP PIS Data Pay Slip

Step 3. Now a new login page will open. At the bottom of this page, click on the “forgot password” option.

Monthly payslip of itbp

Step 4. The ITBP reset password page is displayed.

ITBP Pay Slip

Step 5. Now enter the asked details like as enter the Regimental number, answer the security question, and enter an active contact number.

Step 6. Now then click on the Reset Password option.

To complete the process validate the OTP sent to the contact number.

This way every individual can change or reset the ITBP password.

Password Recovery Click Here

How To Download ITBP Pay Slip 2022 Himveer Connect

Since the facility is provided by the organization, it is obvious that the individuals are required to follow the terms and conditions set by the authority. Certain steps need to be taken by concerned individuals who wish to download ITBP Pay Slip of a particular month.

With this service available it has made life easier for individuals to be aware of the monthly payments and GPF and other charges which are deducted from their salaries.

Those who wish to check ITBP salary slip 2022 can follow the instruction below since there are more than one process that can be followed to download ITBP monthly salary slip, so we suggest candidates to consider taking the most simple procedure.

  1. Go to the official website of ITBP(
  2. Click on the Login Option available on the homepage.
  3. Now look for a Personal login option and click on it.
  4. The ITBP Himveer login page will open.
  5. Then enter the ITBP Pis login details.
  6. Enter the code displayed on the screen.
  7. Click on the Login option.
  8. Now the entire ITBP Payslip, GDF will be available.
  9. Check or print out the payslip for the desired month.

Himveer Connect Login Click Here 

How To Recover Himveer Connect Login Password?

All ITBP personnel who forgot their him veer login password, they need to follow these simple steps to recover or retrieve their ITBP Himveer Login Password.

  1. First, visit the official website then click on personal login.
  2. After this click on forgot the password.
  3. Now a new page will open for reset password.
  4. Fill all required fields like 
  5. Then click on reset password.

Monthly Payslip of ITBP 2022 Check Online Salary Slip

In India most of the male, female candidates study to become ITBP personnel and serve the nation/ join ITBP to do something for the nation/ join the Indo-Tibetan Border Police force and get suitable salary packages and other perks.

All perks are High altitude allowance, dearness allowance, Admissibility, Quantum and commutation, gratuity, Ex gratia payment, Leave encasement facility, city compensatory allowance, detachment allowance, medical allowance, travel expense compensation, free ration services and more other perks, which are received by ITBP.

Newly recruit staff of ITBP, if you complete their first month in the service of ITBP and try to download your first-month Himveer payslip. Then follow below how to download instruction and download Monthly Payslip Of ITBP For January February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December month and salary summary.

Indo Tibetan Border Police Pay Slip 2022 Online Download FAQ’s

First, check the frequently ask a question and then download ITBP Pay Slip Month Wise. Many youngsters who join ITBP and new are in the ITBP department have many questions. So here are the answer to all your queries.

Query:- If two people are in the same rank, then their salaries will be the same every month? Solution:- No, because salary calculation depends on joining date, grade pay, allowance, and pay scale.

Query:- If ITBP personnel forgot the login password, can he/ she able to reset the password? Solution:- Yes, it’s possible to reset, but how? follow this given instruction and solve the query of how. Click on forget password? link, hereafter you will redirect on reset password form fill all entries of this form like a regimental number, date of joining, security question, answer to the question, and hit on reset password button.

Query:- How much salary percentage has increased since the arrival of the 7th pay commission? Solution:- 23.55%.

Query:- What information is required to Check/ Download/ Print ITBP Pay Slip? and ITBP PIS? Solution:- Only username and password.

Query:- How many types of allowance are for army and defense personnel? Solution:- There are many types of allowance for army and defense personnel such that- hard areas allowance, kit maintenance allowance, high altitude climate allowance, house rent allowance, Siachen, transport allowance, high active field area allowance, special forces allowance, Modified field area allowance, flying parachute pay.

ITBP PIS Personal Login

Since the Himveer connects is available for every ITBP personal, thus in order to maintain individual or personal information of the personnel the armed force tags each personnel with a unique identity or provided their personal ITBP login details.

This bunch of information is accessible with the help of ITBP PIS login details such as the identity numbers and password created by the individual for such purpose. ITBP PIS includes the monthly salary slip of ITBP personnel along with their general information.

Hence, at the time of their commission, new recruits are provided with their ITBP Personal login credentials which would be necessary for the individuals in terms of checking their ITBPPayslip for any month of the year.

ITBP Salary Slip 2022 Constable Salary Slip, Pay Scale, GPF

ITBP is the top armed forced in India and commonly known as Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. Board decides all employee salary slip according to their position or rank.

So if you want to check ITBP salary slip rank wise for constable, head constable, si post. Then here is the table of the salary chart.

RankPay ScaleGrade PayBasic PayTotal Pay (without allowance)
Director GeneralApex Scale-Rs. 80,000Rs. 80,000
Addl. Director GeneralPB – 4 (67000-79000)Rs. 10,000 Rs. 43000Rs. 59100
Deputy Inspector General PB – 4 (37400-67000)Rs. 8900 Rs. 40200Rs. 49100
Commandant PB – 4 (37400-67000)Rs. 8700 Rs. 37400Rs. 46100
Second-in-Command PB – 3 (15600-39100)Rs. 7600Rs. 21900Rs. 29500
Deputy Commandant PB – 3 (15600-39100)Rs. 6600Rs. 18750Rs. 25350
Assistant Commandant PB – 3 (15600-39100)Rs. 5400Rs. 15600Rs. 21000
Subedar Major PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )Rs. 4800Rs. 13350Rs. 18150
Inspector PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )Rs. 4600Rs. 12540Rs. 17140
Sub-Inspector PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )Rs. 4200Rs. 9300Rs. 13500
Astt Sub Inspector PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )Rs. 2800Rs. 8560Rs. 11360
Head Constable PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )Rs. 2400Rs. 7510Rs. 11360
Constable PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )Rs. 2000Rs. 6460Rs. 8460

ITBP Monthly Pay Scale

As mentioned in the above section monthly ITBP salary is offered to every employee of Indo Tibetan Border Police, but the paly scale gradually lowers from the highest designation to the lowest of ITBP.

Based on the official regulations there are about 4 pay scale or pay bands in ITBP, so based on their ranks personnel enjoy a higher pay scale compared to that of the lower ranks.

  • Pay band: 1.
  • Pay band: 2.
  • Pay band: 3.
  • Pay band: 4.

ITBP Allowances :

  • Daily Allowances.
  • Education Allowances.
  • Medical Allowances.
  • Transport Allowances.
  • House Rent Allowances.
  • Gratuity. Ex- gratia Allowance
  • High Altitude Allowances.
  • Detachment Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • Admissibility, Quantum, and Commutation Allowances.

About ITBP

The Indo Tibetan Border Police Force is the fifth central armed police force of MHA, India. Indo-Tibetan Border Security force shortly called ITBP, which is one of the fifth central armed police force(CAPF) of MHA(Ministry of home affairs), India. MHA is a governing body of ITBP.

The ITBP is one of the 7 Central Armed Forces of India which has become an integral security force responsible for the protection of Indian borders and during a national emergency.


  1. What is ITBP PIS? ITBP PIS is an online service for the personnel of ITBP. PIS stands for Personal Information System. Using ITBP PIS Portal personal of ITBP can check their monthly payslip, salary, and personal information from the ITBP website.
  2. How To Check ITBP Pay Slip? To check the ITBP payslip you need to check the official website and then login in ITBP site. Enter your username and password and click on the login button to check your payslip.
  3. What is the Salary of ITBP? ITBP salary is dependent on the Personal Rank. Above we mentioned the Rank wise salary table.
  4. How to Reset ITBP PIS Login Password? Go to the PIS login page and select forgot password and submit your detail and click on Reset password. Then go to the login page and set a new password.
  5. What is ITBP official website Link? ITBP official website link is

Visit the official website given a link for download the monthly payslip of ITBP online and download the ITBP pay slip app from the google play store. Jai Hind.

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