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DSC Pay Slip 2023 Monthly Payslip Online Login Kannur

On the official website of DSC ( you can get your DSC Pay Slip & Army Kannur Monthly Salary payslip login Details online. However, to do so you must first complete your DSC army payslip login. Further on, we will tell you how to get your official DSC salary slip of a month along with the details of the DSC login. We also provide information for the DSC payslip reset password.

But first, let us brief you on the topic of the DSC pay slip. The DSC payslip is provided to every Defense Service Corps servicemen. However, this DSC payslip service is exclusive. 

Now with the help of the DSC monthly salary slip, you can monitor your monthly salary transactions. It helps you to confirm your monthly salary payments.

The Defense Account Department, Ministry of Defense, Government of India maintains the DSC monthly payslip. So when you generate your DSC payslip you must visit the official website of this organization.

So in the following section, we are going to give you the information on the DSC monthly payslip 2023. You can also get the complete DSC pay slip online login process.

And those who want to know the complete DSC salary structure rank-wise can check the latter section of this article where you can find a brief account on DSC or Defense Service Corps.

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DSC Pay Slip 2023 Online Download

The DSC payslip online service can help the Defense Service Corps servicemen to get details of their monthly payments. Such monthly payments are done online. Hence, each and every DSC personnel can receive the salary directly into their accounts.

Therefore, the DSC payslip helps you to check to confirm your monthly salary payments. You can also know the exact amount deducted for GPF, PF, tax, net balance, your employee code, etc.

However, the DSC monthly payslip has to be obtained from the official website of the DSC payslip. So to get your DSC army monthly payslip you have to log in online at the portal of DSC pay slip. But to complete your DSC payslip login you need to have your official login id or username and password. Without your login id and password, you cannot get your DSC Payslip.

Normally, your DSC login id or username happens to be your employee id code, but you have to set your own password for privacy. So your DSC army payslip login id and password are crucial.

When you have your DSC login id and password you can check your DSC monthly payslip online. But to check your payslip you need to get the right steps if you wish to complete the process.

Therefore, in the following section, we have mentioned the complete process of the DSC army payslip login. Make sure you take each step in order to complete your log in.

Ultimately with the use of your DSC login id and password, you can generate your DSC payslip 2023. The online portal keeps a record of your monthly DSC pay slip 2023.

Direct Login: Click Here

DSC Payslip Login Online 2023

The DSC Army payslip login an online platform offers notable service to all soldiers of the Defense Service Corps. It helps to maintain the record of monthly salary transactions.

To get to their DSC monthly payslip the soldiers must go through the DSC payslip login portal. Every DSC soldier has a personal login id and password. So with their respective details, they can log in to their DSC payslip accounts.

As per the norms, the login id and password must be recognized by the portal. The individuals must also be aware of the steps that complete their login. However, taking incorrect steps leads you nowhere.

So based on the official notifications you must follow these simple steps to ensure DSC PAO Kannur payslip login.

Step 1. First, go to the website of DSC payslip (

Step 2. At the homepage look for the login option on your right side.

Step 3. On the next page, a different login option appears.

Step 4. Select the Unit login OR Army Unit link.

DSC Pay Slip
DSC Pay Slip

Step 5. Now enter your UID or Employee id number.

DSC Payslip
DSC Payslip

Step 6. Then enter your password.

Step 7. Finally, click on the Submit button.

Step 8. Your DSC payslip account should open.

Step 9. Download or print your DSC payslip.

Direct Link: Click Here

DSC Army Payslip Forgot Password

While trying to log in many individuals have faced problems caused by an incorrect password. Almost everyone has come across such a problem. According to the rule without the correct password, your DSC payslip login will be denied.

So what would you do if you cannot remember the correct password? all you need to do is set a new password. Now the challenge for you would be to reset the password.

There is a certain process that can help you to change or rest your DSC pay slip login password. So when you forget your password the process can help you get a new one.

Here we are going to help you reset your password in about 10 minutes. So take the following steps and complete your PAO DSC Kannur Payslip rest password. But first, you need to inform your Unit/Army Administrator.

Because of the fact that the DSC payslip password can be reset only by the respective Administrator of the DSC Unit.

  • At first contact your Unit/Army Administrator.
  • Place your query to reset your password.
  • Provide your Unique Id number.
  • Your DSC payslip password will be reset.

DSC Salary Rank Wise – PAO DSC Kannur Payslip

Like every other agency, the DSC offers an attractive monthly salary. Hence the DSC salary includes basic pay, grade pay, and military service pay. But DSC salary varies within the designation or ranks.

Therefore, a higher rank officer of the DSC gets a higher monthly paycheck. So lower-ranked servicemen have lower DSC salaries

. If you are looking for DSC salary rank-wise

details then you are in the right place.

In the chart below you can check the complete DSC salary rank-wise structure. Feel free to go through the following chart to know your DSC salary depending on your rank. 

RankBasic SalaryGrade PayMilitary Service Pay
Honorary Captain 15600 to 5000061006000
Honorary Lieutenant 15600 to 5000054006000
Subedar Major9300 to 3480048002000
Subedar9300 to 3480046002000
Naib Subedar9300 to 3480042002000
Havildar5200 to 2020028002000
Naik5200 to 2020024002000
Sepoy5200 to 2020020002000

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About DSC

The DSC or Defense Service Corps is a defense agency that was formed on 23rd February 1947 at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Previously DSC was known as the Defence Department Constabulary Centre. DSC functions within the jurisdictions of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.

DSC’s primary duty includes providing security to government factories and other establishments. It recruits ex-service personnel of various armed forces.

In August 1959, the DSC was transferred to the Indian Army. Afterward, the DSC and Records moved from Chakrata (UP) to Kannur (Kerela) on 21 November 1961.

Currently, the DSC provides training to ex-servicemen of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. These servicemen are recruited by various agencies under the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.